About Us

Cetacea Sound, pronounced "SI-TAY-SHA", is an audio design and engineering firm that develops speaker and microphone systems for the education, training, and corporate presentation markets. Since 1996, Cetacea Sound has built a strong patent portfolio that forms the foundation of its unique designs. The company focuses on the total development and manufacturing of its products in the U.S.A.

Cetacea audio products enhance teaching, learning, and training by delivering pristine acoustic clarity in the vocal range. Incorporating our acoustic patents and design know-how, audience members enjoy a level of audio sophistication otherwise found in high-performance home theatre and professional audio. Our mission is simple: to develop innovative audio products that deliver unparalleled results with simple installation solutions at a reasonable, cost-effective price.

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Corporate Address

Cetacea Sound Corp 14149 21st Ave N Plymouth, MN 55447 U.S.A.

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U.S.A, Canada, and CaribbeanTel: (800) 556-1922 Fax: (763) 559-1585

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm, CST

High Definition Classroom Audio

HD classroom audio improves upon the most important aspect of classroom learning: communication. Students and teachers benefit from perfect speech reproduction which improves student speech intelligibility. Clarity reduces the mental effort required to understand spoken words. It is not enough to just amplify sound in the classroom; the sound must also be of high definition in order to preserve key speech characteristics like high-frequency sibilance and nuance. It is a fact that students learn from what they understand, not from what they hear. That is why Cetacea dedicates its know-how, patented technologies, and engineering expertise to develop sophisticated and affordable classroom audio products.

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Commitment to the Environment

Every effort has been made to protect the environment during the manufacture and use of Cetacea products. Electronics meet RoHS restrictions. Power supplies are ENERGY STAR® rated and meet California's very strict Circle V or VI power consumption and efficiency standards. And, due to the unique properties of our omni-directional acoustic patent, one speaker can impressively produce the same loudness and soundfield of 2 or more speakers at one fourth the power!

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