Wireless pendant microphone for education and training

The Orbiter is a wireless pendant microphone designed for all‐day use in teaching and training environments. It features high-definition wireless voice transmission, comfortable ergonomics, and simple operation. The Orbiter wireless microphone for classroom teaching achieves the speech intelligibility required for enhanced learning comprehension and word recognition. With its lightweight design and simple 2‐button control, teachers and trainers can simply focus on what they do best.


  • Wireless microphone for classroom teaching and training
  • Classroom voice amplification
  • Remote / distance learning
  • Voice lift for hard-of-hearing
  • Wireless voice recording
Teach with confidence knowing every student hears you clearly in the classroom.

Simple, lightweight design for all‐day use

The Orbiter wireless microphone for teachers weighs just 2 ounces and is super easy to use. Set the volume using the side button. Once set, the volume will save in memory. Turn the Orbiter on with one click of the back button. A green light will illuminate on the front. Press again for mute. Then to turn off, press down and hold for 2 seconds. Operation >

Orbiter Pendant Master Control
Back Button: On / Off / Mute
Orbiter Pendant Volume Control
Side Button: Volume + / -

Robust wireless RF designed for multi-room proximity

The Orbiter's core wireless RF technology is designed to work in multi-room environments like schools. School districts around the USA faithfully use hundreds of Orbiter systems simultaneously within their buildings with no symptoms of wireless crosstalk or interference. District technologists can rest easy knowing there are no wireless channels to manage. And, each Orbiter transmitter and receiver is digitally paired and secure.

2.4Ghz State of the Art

Team teaching with Orbiter Duo

When teaching involves multiple teachers or students, the Orbiter can operate two microphones simultaneously. Now available with Orbiter version 2+ software.

Orbiter Duo team teaching microphones
Orbiter Duo System

Voice amplification with the Astronaut Soundfield

The Orbiter wireless microphone is commonly used as a classroom voice amplification system. Our most popular option is the Astronaut Soundfield system. This all-in-one system installs in minutes and can additionally connect multimedia from a whiteboard, IFP, or projector.

Astronaut Soundfield Installation Diagram
Seen here, the Orbiter microphone communicates wirelessly to the Astronaut Soundfield system, amplifying the teacher's voice to the student audience.