A portable desktop speaker for education and training

The Ensemble portable classroom speaker system is for teachers, trainers, and professional presenters who value a lightweight audio solution for on-the-go teaching. Its unique, patented design delivers clear, evenly distributed sound to everyone in the room regardless of seating arrangement. Connect up to 3 simultaneous sources like a computer, smart phone, DVD player, projector, or microphone. Weighing less than 1 pound, the Ensemble portable speaker for presentations travels conveniently and is loud enough for 40 people.


  • On-the-go teaching, training, and presenting
  • Multimedia audio and video presentations
  • Microphone and voice amplification
  • Classrooms, training, and conference rooms
  • AV cart installations

Designed for group listening

The Ensemble portable speaker for presentations excels in group settings because of its core 360° omni-directional acoustic technology. No matter where your audience members are seated, each will hear the same frequency balance, which in turn leads to improved listening comprehension. Patented worldwide, Cetacea omni-directional acoustics have improved presentations for over 20 years.

Omni directional acoustics for group listening
Ensemble 360° Omni-Directional Acoustics

Connect up to 3 sources

The Ensemble portable speaker’s 3-input amplifier makes it easy to run a variety of multimedia and voice presentations simultaneously.

Common Sources

Ensemble speaker system
3 inputs (A, B, C), 3.5mm mini-jack, stereo-mono

Your voice companion

No other portable desktop speaker can deliver the voice clarity needed for high-impact presentations like the Ensemble. Add a microphone of your choice * or the Orbiter Wireless Pendant Microphone for simple, plug-and-play voice amplification.

The Ensemble saves my voice and lets my audience hear and understand me the way no other speaker can. Fully powered and self-contained ‐ this is all I need!†
Ensemble + Orbiter Commander
3 inputs (A, B, C), 3.5mm mini-jack, stereo-mono

* A pre-amp may be required if your microphone receiver does not have line level output. † Sonia C., Corporate Trainer