A simple ceiling-mounted speaker for education and training

The Astronaut speaker system, distinguished by its elegant, circular design, is built from the ground up for classrooms and projector sound enhancement. Mounted to the ceiling, its patented omni-directional sound ensures an even soundfield throughout the room. Combined with the most simple installation on the market, this projector sound system promises cost-effectiveness and superior performance.


  • Projector sound enhancement
  • Multimedia audio and video lessons
  • Microphone and voice amplification
  • Classrooms, training rooms, and conference rooms
The alternative to complex and expensive in-ceiling speaker systems is here.

Designed for group listening

The success of this overhead speaker system stems from its core audio technology that delivers 360° omni-directional sound for even frequency balance across the room. Patented worldwide, one Astronaut system replaces the equivalent of up to 4 in-ceiling speakers, delivering the benefits of less hardware, less energy usage, and simplified installation.

Omni directional acoustics for group listening

Simple and secure installation

The Astronaut speaker includes a mounting bracket for simple, low-cost installation to common classroom and conference room ceilings. The bracket's intuitive twist-on, twist-off functionality allows for quick speaker installation and removal. This projector sound system is no more difficult to install than a smoke detector. Learn more >

Astronaut Ceiling Speaker Installation Diagram


Astronaut CL Front View

Astronaut CL

40 watts of sound for basic voice and multimedia instruction.

Astronaut XL Front View

Astronaut XL

Powerful, 60 watts of full-range audio for multimedia depth and richer bass.

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