Easy to operate and intuitive design for all-day teaching

Using the Orbiter microphone

Simply press the multi-functional On / Off / Mute button on the Orbiter to turn it on. You should see a green LED on the front. If the green LED is flashing, it is time to put it on the USB charger. Click the button to cycle between on and mute. Hold for two seconds to turn off.

Orbiter Pendant Master Control
Back Button: On / Off / Mute
Orbiter Pendant On LED
Green LED: Solid - On / Flashing - Low Battery
Orbiter Pendant Volume Control
Side Button: Volume + / -

Check for a wireless connection

Once the Orbiter pendant is on, you should see an amber LED on the Astronaut Soundfield speaker. This means that the Orbiter pendant microphone is paired and communicating with the speaker system. If no amber light is showing, please follow the Pairing Instructions.

Astronaut Soundfield Wireless Connection
Green: PowerAmber: Orbiter Wireless

Practicing with your Orbiter microphone

Always prepare for a presentation by setting up your equipment in the room you will be speaking in beforehand. Make sure the equipment is working properly and then walk around the room.

Spend time practicing in the area of the room where you will be speaking. Listen for any unwarranted noise or feedback as you walk the room and avoid those noisy areas that cannot be eliminated by equipment adjustments.

Have a second person help you hear and make volume adjustments. In most cases, the appropriate microphone volume is when the presenter cannot hear themselves over the speakers.

Orbiter placed high on collar bone
Place pendant high near collar for maximum voice pickup